How free is VEYRON? Are there any hidden costs?

VEYRON is totally free to download and use, we will not charge you for anything. VEYRON uses a data connection, and operator data costs will apply. We recommend that you use an unlimited data plan, which you may already have for your browsing and emails and which you can get from your Operator. VEYRON is 100% free and utilizes your existing data plan or WiFi. It does not use your SMS or MMS texting plans for ongoing communications.

My VEYRON isn’t working

VEYRON is currently in BETA phase and we are working hard to fix all common functionalities. By making the product available to the public, we encourage suggestions and recommendations, which you can send to [email protected] If however the current version was not running on your phone, try to uninstall and reinstall VEYRON as this usually fixes common problems. Make sure you have Internet connectivity by visiting a website from your phone. If you still can’t get the application to work, e-mail us [email protected] your phone model.

What does the checkmarks next to my messages mean?

Message delay. Was successfully sent to our server and awaits delivery to Recipient
Message was delivered to the Recipient’ device
The Recipient has read the message
Incoming message
Message sent

How do I delete a message?

  • Android – Hold your finger down on the message.
  • iPhone – Click the Edit button on the top left corner.
  • BlackBerry – Highlight the message and choose Option menu > delete
  • Nokia – Highlight the message and choose Option menu > delete

How much data does VEYRON use?

For pure text communication, it is very little. As a matter of comparison, 1kb of data is about 80 words, but your data traffic will much depend on the content that you may also exchange, such as pictures, etc.

How do I get sound and/or vibration alerts for messages?

To set custom alerts go to the settings section of your VEYRON application

My iPhone is not receiving push notifications

Go to settings > notifications >VEYRONand ensure Notifications Sounds, Alerts and Badges are all set to On